Cognitive, Social and Language Development

Topics: Psychology, Educational psychology, Cognitive psychology Pages: 5 (1684 words) Published: June 14, 2010
Cognitive, Social and Language Development
Everlyn Moore
Psy 101 Introduction to Psychology
Dr. Wendy Conaway
May 14, 2010

This paper will discuss cognitive, social and language development. Four articles will be summarized, and personal experiences will be discussed. The approach to the study of cognitive development by observation and analyzing mental processes in perceiving and handling information is known as information processing theory. (Papalia, Olds, Feldman, 2008) This theory is known as the framework that underlies a wide range of theories and research, and helps researchers determine the estimation of an infant’s later intelligence from the efficiency of their sensory perceptions and processing. (Papalia, Olds, Feldman, 2008) Psychologists use this approach to test, diagnose and treat learning problems. (R.M. Thomas, 1996; Williams, 2001) Parents and teachers are able to use this approach to help children learn; making them more aware of their mental processes and ways to enhance them. (Papalia, Olds, Feldman, 2008) Some information processing theorists use the comparison of the brain to computers because sensory impressions go in and behavior comes out. (Papalia, Olds, Feldman, 2008) Cognition is the process involved in thinking and mental activity, such as attention, memory and problem solving. There are many theories of development in humans. Dietary Patterns in Infancy and Cognitive and Neuropsychological function in Childhood After extensive research and study of 241 children at the age of four years old, in developing countries it was found that improvising of young children’s diets benefited their cognitive development. (Gale, Marlyn, Marriott, Kimond, 2009) A child’s whose diet in infancy that had high consumption of fruits and vegetables and home-prepared foods held a higher I Q and better memory performances. In conclusion, it is suggested that dietary patterns in infancy may affect cognitive development and can possibly reflect the influence of unmeasured factors. (Gale, Marlyn, Marriott, Kimond, 2009) Parental Involvement, Parenting Behaviors, and Children and Cognitive Development in Low-Income and Minority Families Parental involvement in Head Start, parent-focused programs a provision of low-income children and parents with preschool and parental programs preventive and medical services. Head Start programs goal was to increase parental involvement and parental skills of parents could better stimulate their children’s linguistics cognitive, social and emotional growth. Intervention is provided so parents can learn to facilitate their children’s cognitive and social development (Conners, Edwards, and Grant, 2006) Parental involvement in Head Start’s socialization, or support group meetings have a longitudinal effect on five parenting behaviors of mothers. Parental involvement for children’s academic performance is widely accepted. Children whose parents are actively involved in their children’s education perform better in reading, writing and behavior. (Conners, Edwards, and Grant, 2006) The encouragement of positive parental involvement is especially important for children from low-income, ethnic-minority and language- minority backgrounds. Parental involvement may provide additional benefits for language minority groups of fostering cultural assimilation for the family. (Conners, Edwards, and Grant, 2006) From personal experience, Head Start develops a relationship between the mother, child and social services advocate to improve language and cognitive development. It can provide work or school and enhance social skills. The parenting classes helped offer group socialization, and support group meetings, early childhood education curriculum, behavior, guidance, health and nutrition, violence, prevention, early literacy skills and activities and transition to kindergarten.

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