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Cognitive Interventions

By tranfo Dec 14, 2009 626 Words

Cognitive Interventions
Angie Skowronski
University of Phoenix

Cognitive Interventions
There are several different cognitive interventions that are used for many different reasons. When it comes to behavioral issues, there is a form of psychotherapy that is commonly used called cognitive behavioral therapy (National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists, 2007). Cognitive therapy can be combined with other forms of therapy to completely treat a person from their ailments.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, emphasizes thinking how we feel and what we do (NACBT, 2007). CBT is based on emotional response. This is where the idea comes in that our thoughts drives how we feel and our behavior. There is an expected benefit with this. Since the idea that our thoughts drives our behaviors, if a person changes the way they think, then the behavior will change as well.

As a human services worker, our job is to teach, learn, listen, and encourage the client to succeed in their goals. The client is expected to express their feelings, wants, needs, and implement what they have learned (NACBT, 2007).

In the case of the elderly lady who had a stroke and is now fearful of her physical therapy, the case could be as simple as applying CBT based on emotional response. Most people that survive strokes tend to be fearful of many aspects of their lives. This may include the lady going through with her therapy. The role of the human services worker would be to explain to the lady that the therapy is only going to help her. The therapist can role in the method of positive thinking. Assist the elderly lady with changing her thoughts about the therapy in order for her to succeed in it. Innovated programs use cognitive therapy as a means to better the person’s health (Whitehoouse, 1998). This may take a while to achieve. But the success rate of this type of CBT is great.

In the case of the angry adolescent, emotional response may also be the trick to breaking the behavior. Most adolescent people behave based on the emotions. They have not learned ways to cope with their emotions in other ways yet so they tend to lash out in angry demeanors. Again, the human services worker would intercede and approach the individual in a therapeutic fashion. Teaching them other methods of releasing emotions and dealing with the emotion as well. The therapist would listen, teach, and encourage the adolescent on appropriate ways to deal with their anger. Since adolescents tend to have a lower self esteem, there are certain methods the therapist may use to raise self esteem and change the thought process for the individual (Mulhauser, 2009). This may alter the behavior and make life easier for the adolescent.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is used for many different reasons. It may be combined with other methods of therapy as well to assist the client to a better well being. The main purpose of CBT is to alter the person’s behavior and better their lives. Emotional response is a great method that seems to be the one most therapists use.

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