cognitive dissonance

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Cognitive Dissonance Paper

PSY/ 400
August 12, 2013

Cognitive Dissonance Paper
As individuals sometimes we will make conscious decisions that involve our behavior that may violate his or her cognitions. Our cognitions that may be violated are values, beliefs, attitudes, and morals. One situation that an individual partakes in is stealing that he or she decided to do knowingly. To understand why we all behave in a certain situation like stealing the cognitive dissonance theory can be used for justification. Stealing can be done in numerous of ways, but when this is recognized consequences follow that behavior and what people perceive the individual as possibly as being a thief which depends on the situations and behaviors that occurred and were displayed. When it comes to stealing it is always a question as to why the person committed that in the first place, and this could be explained by the Attribution Theory or by traits, distribution, and non-common effects and co variation. When any situation occurs that an individual engages in that will involve his or her behavior and attitude. Both behavior and attitude have different meanings but do have a relationship and can reflect cognitive dissonance theory. The cognitive dissonance theory will help to rationalize the behavior associated with stealing in a variety of ways that we can recognize and understand why someone does and behave a particular was as to stealing.  The theory of cognitive dissonance was arrived at by psychologist Dr. Leon Festinger (Cherry, Cognitive Dissonance, 2008). Festinger was educated at City College of New York where he received the Bachelor of Science degree in 1939. He went on to attend Iowa State University in 1942 and completed his Ph.D. in psychology, where he also studied with famed social psychologist Kurt Lewin (Cherry, 2013). Lewin would go on to be one of the first psychologists to methodically examine human behavior, swaying investigational psychology,...
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