Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Internet Addicts: Treatment Outcomes and Implications

Topics: Addiction, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychology Pages: 3 (686 words) Published: April 16, 2014
The article that I took most interest in was Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Internet Addicts: Treatment Outcomes and Implications. This specific article informs us about the growing clinical disorder known as “internet addiction” such as: its causes, symptoms, and treatment options. The disorder is associated with social, academic, familial, and occupational impairment. Over the years, Internet addiction has grown tremendously and is commonly caused by an underlying emotional issue and seen as a reward for future behavior by the addicts. A few examples of underlying issues would be stress in the work place, trials and tribulations often experienced in marriages, and familial battles. These examples are often considered “too hard to handle” leading addicts to fall into social isolation. Over time, studies have shown that white males with at least a four year degree are most likely to suffer from some form of internet addiction.

As times have changed, and many technological advances have been made allowing us to have internet in our homes, schools, and work place, internet addiction has been on the rise and seventy-three percent of internet users have become addicted. There is a list of symptoms found in addicts, such as not being able to control use, loss of track of time, being “sneaky” about their behavior, and withdraw. When a person becomes addicted to something, they begin to lose all track of time leading to missed deadlines on homework assignments/business projects, spending less time with their friends and family, and withdraw from their normal schedules. One who suffers from internet addiction gradually spends more time on the internet and less time with human beings. Studies were done by Kraut on families with computers and higher levels of depression and loneliness were reported by those who spent less than a few hours a week on the internet, and those who overused the internet led to little social support and happiness, and an increase in...
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