Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Internet Addicts

Topics: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Addiction, Pornography Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Internet Addicts
Certified Doctor of Psychology, Kimberly S. Young, in her article, “Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Internet Addicts: Treatments Outcomes and Implications” analyzes how efficient Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , which had been shown to be an effective treatment for compulsive disorder, works towards clients in order to treat those suffering from internet addictions.

Young’s purpose is to inform the public of the major factors that are affected by internet addictions such as cognition and behavior. When one’s mentality is affected by such an addiction, people may lose the ability to keep track and manage their time; they are lost in a world where they spend more time on the internet, and “less time they spend in contact with human beings” (pg 672). Affected victims tend to have a change in behavior, where it is impacted in such a way that they begin to miss important deadlines at work, spend less time with their family, and slowly withdraw from their normal routines. As their addiction grows, they become consumed with their internet activities, such as online gaming, chatting with online friends, and gambling, ignoring almost every aspect of the real world, craving for solitary time in front of a computer.

A survey conducted by the Pew Institute in 2006, showed that 73% of the American population (147 million adults) are internet users, and an estimated nearly 6% of the population suffer from internet addiction. That was ultimately six years ago, with technology advancing, it is suggested that 1 in 8 Americans suffer from this.

In one of the first studies that was ever conducted to investigate how efficient CBT works on Internet addicts, there were 114 clients who were screened using the Internet Addiction Test (IAT), which is a validated testing method that examines symptoms of Internet addiction, those who met the criteria, were included in the study, although those who exhibited high risk factors,...
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