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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

By Ancient77 Mar 10, 2008 507 Words
The therapy that I would like to discuss is Cognitive Behavior Therapy with it's many

dynamics, and conceptual views. The reason I chose this therapy is the realistic understanding of

directing individuals in seeking the best possible life given the powers and circumstances that exist.

Many clinical problems are best described as disorders of thought and feeling, and since behavior is

effectively controlled by the way we think the most logical and effective way of trying to change

maladjusted behavior is to change the unbalanced thought processes that lie behind it.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is comprised of both cognitive and behavioral techniques. The premise

underlying a cognitive-behavioral is that difficulties in living, relationships, general

health, etc., have their origin in and are maintained by both cognitive and behavioral factors.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is unique because it covers a number of different therapies that

have similar foundations.

One of the primary understandings of this philosophy is that our thoughts determine our feelings.

CBT examines the client's feelings in order to discover what thoughts are bringing

these feelings about, especially if they are interfering with one's mental or emotional health. So

the concept of seeking to help the client understand that they behave and feel according to their

perceptions or ideas about people and experiences, not necessarily according to what is true

. Cognitive behavior therapy is basically used to help people understand their emotions and


Unlike some therapies CBT doesn't really focus on the past. Rather it looks at the present

and the way people view themselves, others, and the world around them. It looks at how the

way people feel affects how they act, and what they do. Cognitive refers to the way people think,

and behavior to what people so. By changing negative thought patterns, people can start to feel

better about themselves and look towards a more positive future. CBT is based on the scientifically

supported assumption that most emotional and behavioral reactions are learned.

Therefore, the goal of therapy is to help clients unlearn their unwanted reactions and to learn a

new way of reacting.

It is not an invasive therapy it helps the patient to discover and learn how to understand why


experience the emotions and feelings that they have. It teaches them not to be reactive, and that

they have control over what they think. It can be seen that cognitive therapy, rather than just

teach the patient to be more positive in life, it actually teaches to patient to look at situations in a

non-negative way there is a difference.

The word cognitive or cognition means to know or to think, so cognitive therapy is seen

as psychological treatment of thought, this in my opinion is key to understand the foundation of

the therapy. The more open minded the person is, the more successful the outcome. The therapy

operates under the thinking that thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and perceptual biases, influence what

emotions will be experienced and to how powerful these emotions can be.

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