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Bright, colourful
Learning areas for development: art, science, mat area, block area, home corner, literacy, maths, reading corner/area, music area Encourage and incorporate learning through play- facilitate development Cater for learning styles and multiple intelligences

Help with transition
Provides needs of sleep and emotional needs (chill out area) Developmentally appropriate
Able to achieve success (mastery) therefore needs to be appropriate for the child Child sized furnishings (Maria Montessori)
Follow a child’s interests
Children become independent and self directed learners


Issues: Health and community
Are interrelated and can help one another in development


- Most cognitive development occurs in tandem with language
From birth to age 5, is the time when a child’s brain is undergoing the most growth and development. Cognitive development is the product of two interacting influences – brain growth and experience – both of which exert their greatest impact during the first five years of life. The developing brain triples in the first year alone and is virtually fully formed by the time a child enters kindergarten. This period is critical and sets the stage for all of later learning and adult functioning. Puzzles

Providing experiences to test and learn new things e.g learning about a theme (the ocean, animals)

ECE: Oen ended questions. Can also help form sentences and learn new vocabulary and practice using them. Scaffolding


Reading to a child is critical
Helps phonemic and phonological awareness
Alphabet knowledge
Print conventions

Research has continually shown that when adults read to children, discussing story content, asking open-ended questions about story events, explaining the meaning of words, and pointing out features of print, they promote increased language...
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