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Cognitive Dissonance theory

Core Assumptions and Statements
Cognitive dissonance is a communication theory adopted from social psychology. The title gives the concept: cognitive is thinking or the mind; and dissonance is inconsistency or conflict. Cognitive dissonance is the psychological conflict from holding two or more incompatible beliefs simultaneously. Cognitive dissonance is a relatively straightforward social psychology theory that has enjoyed wide acceptance in a variety of disciplines including communication. The theory replaces previous conditioning or reinforcement theories by viewing individuals as more purposeful decision makers; they strive for balance in their beliefs. If presented with decisions or information that create dissonance, they use dissonance-reduction strategies tot regain equilibrium, especially if the dissonance affects their self-esteem. The theory suggests that 1) dissonance is psychologically uncomfortable enough to motivate people to achieve consonance, and 2) in a state of dissonance, people will avoid information and situations that might increase the dissonance. How dissonance arises is easy to imagine: It may be unavoidable in an information rich-society. How people deal with it is more difficult. The mental clash or tension resulting from the processes of acquiring knowledge or understanding through the senses is called cognitive dissonance. In simple the clash of mind when we have to choose from the choices is can be called cognitive dissonance. This is the feeling of discomfort from two conflicting thoughts, it may increase or decrease according to the following factors 1. The relevance of subject to us

2. How solid the choices or thoughts are
3. The capability of our mind to choose, rationalize or explain the thoughts. The theory suggests that our mind have a tendency to avoid such clashes and tensions through various methods and attain harmony. The dissonance will be on it highest on the matters regarding the...
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