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Tri Nguyen
English Composition
November 26, 2012
Essay 2

Good Service?
Why should I be nice to you?. Coffee shops and the politics of good service is the article of Emily Raine shows the issues of the working environment like coffee shop. Raine’s worked in good and bad conditions in many place for many years. She finds the ways that make her feel better and less stress at work. Raine’s deal with difficult kind of people like the manager, “the displayed that unique of pleasant customers”. She was not happy because the “pay”, and the “long” hours that she has to work. She learned that good service doesn’t mean much of anything. The most important thing that I knew that every single customer service all know is, always be nice to the customers. I understand that the customer’s experience should always be the best it can possibly be, that you should always strive to make their experience better. No matter what they said to you, what they treat you, how rude and disrespectful they were and what they want from you. That is the most difficult thing to do, because you never know if they in the bad mood or good mood. If customers received a bad service because you in bad mood then it is very possible that could cause you in trouble or decrease the chance of those customer coming back to your restaurant.

Why Should I Be Nice To You?: Coffee Shops and the Politics of Good Service is the article about Emily Raine’s opinions about the coffee shop. She used many examples to get reader attention and understand for her how difficult when working in the coffee shop. There are different between work in the “service jobs” “find dining to cocktail waitressing to hip euro-bistro counter work” and the coffee shop. She thought she got pay too little for the long hours, the boring at work and the tricky person like the “manager”. She talks about the Starbuck coffee shop, “where cheerful young workers are displayed behind elevated counters”....
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