Coffee, Niknok and Me

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Coffee, Niknok, and Me

Behind every successful a substantial amount of coffee (prepared by a successful man).

Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation. I had my cravings for caffeine when I started working as an editor’s assistant of a publishing company several years ago to support my college studies. When I got the job, the company was in the process of reviving its lost glory in the field of publication. Thus I had to cope with a lot of pressure from assisting the company’s house editor in organizing pools of authors, conceptualizing structure and content of textbooks, dealing with new writers, collecting manuscripts, proofreading, promoting books, sponsoring school seminars for teachers, and a lot more. I had to love caffeine to keep my sanity amidst pressure.

My interest in coffee (as a substance, not a drink) began when I met a special friend, Niknok. I met him after I left the publishing house. It was the time when I needed someone to talk with about letting go of pains, circumstances, and people who equally caused me unbearable pains in my journey to life. Niknok doesn’t drink coffee at all. He doesn’t even drink soda nor soft drink. He doesn’t eat chocolates. He doesn’t want caffeine in his blood. He wants water all the time. Good thing that coffee needs water. At least we have something to share together. The coffee talk between us started the night after a late visit to a high school classmate’s wake. We didn’t have dinner that night. He picked me up from work and then directly went to the wake. We both don’t take in anything in a funeral so we both starved. On our way home, he noticed my extraordinary silence. That he knew of course that I was starving; that my blood is craving for coffee. And so he drove endlessly to look for a coffee shop. Luckily, we found one…really one in the midst of nowhere! And so he started talking about coffee. I was stunned but I intently listened to him. I told myself, “Finally,...
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