Coffee Marketing Analysis

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Market analysis

Manole Simona Matei Daniela

Marker research for Coffee on Romanian market

Coffee appeared in the IX century and now it is present everyday in the menu of the majority of the population, in the whole world being consumed over 400 billiard cups of coffee. This means that in average a citizen drinks annually around 67 cups filled with coffee. And this is not all, at the moment if we look at things from a different point of view we can see that related to the total sales volume of the business, coffee industry is the 2nd in the world, being overcome by the oil industry. Thereby, in this area work over 20 million people and country’s that economically specking is dependent by the way this industry performs. On the global market coffee aside with oil, vinegar and cereals are among the raw materials for export of high value, many coffee manufacturer country’s economic situation depend almost entirely on coffee export for their national well-being. The most important coffee markets are in New York and London, where there are sold and bought Arabica coffee specialties more exactly Robusta. Coffee’s price depends a lot on the demand and supply and on factors like: climate changes, political movements and quality, as well as the volume of production. Market area

In Romania coffee consumption began its growth after the year 1990 and now it is consumed daily by more than a half of the mature population. Coffee is commercialized at the level of the entire country but the highest sales are being recorded in city area. Unfortunately because at the lack of information at the moment it is possible only a detailed market analysis of coffee at national level, a thing that forbids a regional analysis. All studies made until now were performed only in the urban arias reveling that 76% of the urban population consumes coffee. The lack of data about coffee consumption in rural areas may be because coffee manufacturers are not interested to invest in that direction due to the fact that their revenues may be smaller than the expenditures. Market structure

Geographically: During XIX century until present,the croping and export of the coffe has grown now in an amaizing degree.Nowadays coffe is consumed virtually in any country,and it’s very important for both consumers and producers.On global market coffe is situated next to oil,steel and grain,between the raw materials export of high value ,the economic situation of many coffee producing countries first depending almost entirely on coffee exports for their national wealth. Demographic: According to the study realized by the companyISRA Center Marketing Research in May 2007,follows that only 9% of the urban population don’t drink coffe.The study is focussed on the consumption of coffe,cappucino and ness.The results of the study showed that 76% of them drink coffe,21% capuccino and 17% drink ness.According to the study women drinks coffe in a greater proportion than men,and the biggest difference was recorded in cappucino(24%women and 18%men).It was noticed that young people between 15 and 19years old consume coffee on a much smaller amount, 45%, compared with average urban level of 76% ..

In terms of quality and price, can be splited in five segments of the market sharing coffee sold in Romania. These are bulk (paid coffee), the economic segment in which coffee brand come packaged like Fort and the Nova Brasilia, the medium category (Mainstream), with brands like Elite, Jacobs and flavor, the premium - with Selected and Kronung Jacobs - and super, with Lavazza, Illy, etc.. "Certainly, the largest consumer segments are recorded...
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