Coffee Machine Environmental Life Cycle Analysis

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The major objective of the report is to illustrate the coffee machine environmental life cycle analysis, so as to satisfy the increasing demand of the customer for the expectation of the environmental protection as well as to response to the new implemented environmental legislation. As one of the responsible manufacturers located in U.K. specialized in the production of coffee machines dedicated for the public and domestic application, the conduction of the environmental life cycle analysis for the coffee machine would be undergone. As a pilot testing, the filter type coffee machine is selected. After the completion of the environmental life cycle analysis, the environmental performance is accessed with the approval and investigation of the environment system engineer. Environmental Life Cycle Analysis in Brief

The life cycle assessment or analysis (LCA) is a process to accessing the environmental burdens inserted by the production process. With the identification and qualification of the energy types adopted, material used and the corresponding process of wastes releasing to the natural environment so as to evaluate the impact of those usage in terms of energy & material consumption and the released by-product to the nature with the reorganization and estimation to the opportunities for the achieving of environmental improvements [ (SETAC, 1991; SETAC, 1993; SETAC Europe, 1997) ].

Under the framework of LCA, it enables the estimation for the environmental impacts resulting from each stage of product life cycle in all aspect in a cumulative manner. The process is nicknamed cradle-to-grave approach, and it is designed for the assessment to all the potential impact in terms of environmental aspects during the manufacturing process, so it is particularly useful in the environmental assessment on the coffee machine. Practically, the analysis is consists of three major steps. First, the inventory for the related inputs and outputs of the system should be complied. Second, the potential impact in related to the environmental aspects should be studied and evaluated with respect to these inputs and outputs. Finally, the interpretation of the results and findings during the previous two steps, namely the construction of inventory and the investigation of the impact phrases, should be related to the objective of the study predefined before the conduction [ (ISO 14040, 2006) ]. The included areas for the inspection can be summarized in the following figure (Figure 1).

Figure [ 1 ]: The Included Areas for the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) [ (Louighborough University, 2004) ] From the figure (Figure 1), it can be observed that the material, energy and the transportation processes involved in the manufacturing would be included. The product itself would be accessed and evaluated through their creation to the dumping. The detail breakdowns and the formal names of the involved seven statuses, namely, raw materials, material processing, product manufacture, retail outlets, product use & service, reuse / recycling and disposal. In the influential to the environment, the framework also the aspect into five categories, namely, water effluents, air emissions, solid wastes, other releases and usable products.

It is true that the LCA would like to serve for the three objectives with the comprehensive analysis. The three major objectives are shown in the followings. First, the provision of a comprehensive and clear picture for the interactions between the production activities and the effect of the environment can be, to a certain extent, achieved. Second, deeper understanding for the overall interdependence between the environment and the human activities and the mechanism for the nature operation can be revealed. Third, the decision making for the policy or the management process can be facilitated with the information generated from the analysis with the better access to the environmental aspects....
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