Coffee Cafe

Topics: 1967, Rural area, 1988 Pages: 3 (519 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Table of Contents
I.Executive Summary
II.Project selection
III.Scope Statement
IV.Gant Chart
V.Schedule Table
VI.Network Diagram
VII.Resource Sheet

Executive Summary
Over the past decades, rural areas are upcoming and rising in economical growth. Even though there is still room for improvement in economical growth, building a coffee shop would be a great addition to the local area. The area has continued construction of businesses such as Wal-Mart and other high revenue generating businesses. Many coffee consumers find the need to have a coffee shop that would help get their day started before starting work that would be competitive to other major coffee shops. Coffee café delight would make a great addition to the local businesses in the area.

Scope Statement
Goal definition
Goal Definition: The opening of Coffee Café Delight will be the first coffee shop that opened in many years in the area. Coffee Café Delight will use a previous built coffee shop with no new construction. This shop will be opened in the center of the new business catering to the needs of coffee consumers. Our goal is to offer high quality coffee to coffee consumers in the morning so they can start their day. It would provide customers to travel in the local area instead of traveling far or going to local gas stations purchasing low quality coffee.

Goals that address our mission:
-Provide a place for customers to stay in the local area not traveling far for coffee. -Cater to the needs of the growing economy of local businesses

Goals that address self- sustainment:
-Increase local business revenue
-Save coffee consumers travel
-Save consumers time and money
-Continue economic growth in rural areas

Objective Definition /Performance: To design a high quality coffee shop for local consumers in a rural area in 7 months not to exceed $230,000.00.

Cost Estimate: Coffee Shop Purchase $150,000.00
Building exterior...
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