Coffee Bean Fiber

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Nowadays, people are eco-friendly as the Earth is dieing under a lot of pollutions. We have solar energy/ hydroelectric power but how’s the one we are wearing? As a survey, people throw more than tones new and old clothes in every year. Although we can’t control our desires of shopping, we can develop some “green” materials, such as PET Bottle. And now, we have one more remarkable material – Coffee Fiber.

Coffee fiber is a composite technical fiber from waste coffee grounds. This fiber is made into a yarn that can be knitted or woven fabric. The fabric, called “S.Cafe” is a result of over 3 years dedication and efforts of a Taiwanese company. The fabric isn’t made just from coffee grounds, but apparently a mixture of coffee grounds in a low percentage along with polyester or other traditional material. The process of making fabric out of coffee grounds is very similar as turn bamboo into a viscose material. [pic]

Under the microscope, Longitudinal is not smooth and a lot of pores in cross section as because roasting coffee bean (temperatures within 160-230°C, normal is 600°C). It would makes bean expands and this mean the space inside of coffee bean become greatly (pores). These spaces are the crucial for the functions after spinning. [pic]

Environmental Fiber
Beyond giving us morning energy kick, coffee fiber has a whole slew of interesting properties after roasting coffee bean. - Dry Quickly
- Controlling odor
- Protections against harmful UV rays
S.Cafe does not use any chemicals and is free of any harmful materials commonly found in other yarns generated during production or transportation process. Also, because the process does not require high temperature carbonization, it is energy efficient (low consumption). All these aspects contribute to making the fabric eco-friendly, which is then used to produce many styles of knitted and woven fabrics, as well as soft shell fabrics and no coffee...
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