Coffee and Starbucks

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Business Communication
Course code: BUS 231
Section: 7
Semester: Summar 2012

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Sheikh Atiq
Adjunct faculty
Department of Business Administration
East West University, Bangladesh

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Sabila Muntaha ID: 2010-1-10-245
Shakera Hannan Chowdhury ID: 2010-1-10-246
Enamul Hassan ID: 2010-1-10-068
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August 1, 2012
Sheikh Atiq
Adjunct Faculty
Department of Business Administration
East West University
Sub: Submission of Term paper.
Dear Sir,
We want to inform you that we have completed the report on the topic “STARBUCKS”. Our report focuses on the STARBUCKS s products, upcoming challenges; reasons behind success, difference with other Coffee houses & irrelevant procedures to attract to the beverage oriented people, future assessments and some recommendation. The report has been prepared for the completion of our course “Business Communication” (BUS 231). In writing this case, we have followed your instructions for report writing to present our views and understanding in the easiest way. However, we will be glad to clarify any mistake that may arise.

Thank you.
Sincerely Signature Sabila Muntaha ..............................
Shakera Hannan Chowdhury …………………...
Shrabani Chanda …………………... Enamul Hassan …………………...

Table of Content

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Executive Summary
1.1Origin of the report
1.2Objective of the Study
2Environmental Context
4Implications & Recommendations

Executive Summary

As standing, Starbucks is the world’s number one specialty coffee retailer, currently with more 12,000 coffee shops in more than 35 countries. The outlets offer hot and cold coffee drinks and few food items, as well as beans, some coffee accessories, and teas. The company owns about 7,100 of its shops, which are located in about 10 countries—though mostly in the U.S.—while licenses and franchises operate more than 5,300 units worldwide. In addition, Starbucks markets it coffee through grocery stores and licenses its brand for other food and beverage products. The company adds hundreds of outlets each year, yet quality and service rarely suffer. Furthermore, the success of the company underscores the fact that America can successfully compete even in non-high-tech products and services as long as there is an environment that encourages innovation in product and marketing creativity. Though Starbucks is the worlds leading coffee shop but in our country still they did not start their business yet. May be if coffee behaves like pizza, hamburgers, or chicken like many other world leading fast-food market starbuck would also captured the Bangladeshi customers. However, We did a market analysis, determining the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the company as well as analysis the strength, weaknesses and opportunities and threats starbuck will face while entering the Bangladesh. However Starbucks has occasionally suffered the big chain’s burden—the same kind of anti-corporate backlash that big businesses like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart have faced. In the face of this competition, we recommend Starbucks not only for entering in Bangladesh but also their over all market to enhance and expand the drive-thru experience for the majority of their stores, open up and experiment with new venues of advertising, and make exclusive their development of made-to-order food products such as sandwiches to their product line, as tested in few outlets.

1.0 Introduction:
Starbucks Corporation is an...
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