Coffe Effects

Topics: Coffee, Caffeine, Hypertension Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: May 19, 2014

Coffee effects

Coffee has been the most popular drink in all the cultures for years. Especially here in Albania, when people do all of their meetings or works in cafeterias. Most of us drink coffee like every day and some of us drink it more than one time in a day. Some people drink coffee because they like the taste of it some others drink it when they are sleepy or drink it for other effects and others just drink a coffee without any reason for example there are a lot of people who drink coffee every morning because it has become a habit for them. But how bad is coffee for our organism? Does coffee have positive effects? Should we drink it or not?

There are different statements that are pro and against drinking of coffee. Drinking coffee it has different side effects, it affects the body in different ways. Caffeine increases stress in people who may consume it every day, it also contributes to caries into the teeth. Sleep is affected by the consume of coffee also, coffee who includes decaf, has huge amounts of Vitamin K, which it has badly affects for people with risk attacks.

Consuming coffee also results in women while they are pregnant, side affects like birth defects, miscarriages, premature birth and with low birth weight. It also interferes with adenosine; it is a brain chemical that helps the calming effect. Also they made researches, that coffee gives a huge jump and causes production of the stress handling hormones which is about increasing awareness and production of more energy, but in the long run it has a bad affect because after u hit the crash, you think that you are in need for another cup, another cup, etc. Coffee also has bad affects on the heart. The relation amid coffee consumption and chance of cardiovascular illness possesses been examined in countless studies, but the aftermath stay controversial. Most prospective cohort studies possess not discovered coffee consumption to be associated alongside considerably...

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