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Coeducation: Gender and Opposite Sex

By arieschica Dec 06, 2012 388 Words
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The way we education students is extremely important. Fortunately, several education options exist. Two of the primary nest is single-sex education and co-education. In my opinion, coeducation is the better option. Coeducation is a system of education boys and girls together. There are many coeducation institutions in our country.

The most important reason co-education is a better choice is diversity. When a student is in a classroom along with the opposite sex, he or she will be able to get a wider view. The student will learn from both the male and female prospective of things and won't discriminate  If we limit students to single-sex education, they will have a narrow one sided opinion. We live in a society where interaction includes both sex, men and women. Even if sometimes co-ed classroom have unproductive drama between boys and girls, it is important for students to learn how to deal with the opposite sex. Diversity in the classroom will allow students to develop a more well rounded personality, and learning environment.

Another reason co-education is better is better social skills. When students interact with just one sex, they will only know how to socially deal with just that one gender. Later on when the boy or girl grows older and work in the real world. They will have a hard time interacting with the opposite sex, because they lack the experience. If boy learn how to interact with girls, and when girls learn how to interact with boys, everyone will have a balanced social skills. Improved social skills will develop better relationships and connections, which will lead to other life opportunities.

Last but not least, co-education is better because it builds confidence. When a student builds lasting friendships or relationships with the opposite sex, it is a great confident boost for everyone. The student will feel that he or she is able to learn and work with anybody and everybody. They will know whatever problems come their way, they will be able to solve with their experience in working with people, people including the opposite sex. That idea of team work and social interactions will build confidence in every student.

Those are the reasons why I know co-education is the better option.

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