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Coding Sheets
COM 401

During the semester, you will complete four Coding Sheets based on four research articles. Coding sheets outline key aspects of a research study. The articles and the coding sheets should help you write your Literature Review. Thus, you should choose articles for your Coding Sheets that relate to the research question or theory you will be writing about later in the semester.

Specifically, each coding sheet should include the following information:

APA citation (using correct form, see example below)

Mongeau, P. A., Serewicz, M. C. M., & Therrien, L. F. (2004). Goals for cross-sex first dates: Identification, measurement, and the influence of contextual factors. Communication Monographs, 71, 121-147.

(b) rationale or justification (page #)
The rational and/or justification addresses why this topic is important and/or why this study is being done. Do the authors claim that the study advances the field of communication? How so? Do the authors claim that the study can help people in some way? How so (humanitarian, applied, etc.)? Does the study attempt to advance theory in some way? How so? Is this an important topic that we do not know much about and should?

(c) theoretical framework used (page #) (there will probably be some overlap with b & c)

(d) research participants, texts, or contexts (page #)

(e) hypothesis/hypotheses &/or research questions (page #)
This is the only portion of the coding sheet where you can quote the article word for word. Make sure that you put quotation marks around the words that you take from the article!

(f) methods (page #)
Note which general type of methodology the study employed (quantitative, qualitative or rhetorical). Also describe what specific methods were used -- surveys, interviews, experiments, etc. Finally, you need to note how the data was analyzed.

(g) results/findings (page #)

(h) critique
In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the study? What might limit the generalizability of the findings?

(i) additional information that might be useful to you in writing the final paper. (Optional)

NOTE: The only portion of the coding sheet where you can quote the article is Section E —the hypotheses and research question section. Everything else, starting with Section B, must be put into your own words. If you simply cut and paste from the article to any other section of the coding sheet, you will receive 0 points for that section.

The articles that you use for your Coding Sheets must come from scholarly peer-reviewed journals and have all the aforementioned components internal to them. Do NOT use meta-analyses, theoretical pieces, conference papers, dissertations, or book chapters for the coding sheets—if you do, you will receive a zero (0).

You must turn in a hard copy of your coding sheets to me at the beginning of class AND submit them in electronic form as a Word document to Turnitin through the link provided on our Blackboard site by the due date. Coding sheets will NOT be graded if they are not submitted to Turnitin.


The evaluation form that I will use to grade each coding sheet is on page 3 of this document. Please make sure that you staple the coding sheet evaluation form to the top of each coding sheet.

On page 4 of this document you will find a template that you should use for all four of your coding sheets.

Coding Sheet Grading Criteria/Evaluation Form

Name: ________________________

Coding Sheet #_____

____5 points(a) correct (and complete) APA citation

____7 points(b) rationale or justification (page #)

____3 points(c) theoretical framework (page #)

____4 points(d) research subjects, texts, or contexts (page #)

____7 points(e) hypothesis/hypotheses or research questions (page #)

____7 points(f) methods (page #)

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