Code Orange-Journal Entries

Topics: Infectious disease, Smallpox, Infection Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Novel Study: Journal Entry 1 pgs. 1-73

The novel I selected is called "Code Orange." My reasoning for choosing it, was that it was recommended by a friend. No new information was needed before reading the novel; instead all of it was stated or implied as reading. Mitty, the main character is telling the story, and the setting is in New York City. The setting doesn't show much significance to the story though I believe it would unfold different events later through the novel. At the beginning of the novel Mitty as been assigned a project for biology, where he need to do research on an infectious disease. Mitty not putting effort in his classes , he fears that he wont be able to finish it and would be kicked out of advance biology. This is a problem for him because then he wouldn't be able to stare at his "love", Olivia. She is the complete opposite of Mitty, (a high achiever). For his biology paper Mitty chooses the topic of small pox. As researching in a old novel his mother owns he founds a 100 year paper envelope with scabs of a patient with small pox. Small pox is a very infectious disease and spreads like wild fire, there have been many epidemics of it through out history and Mitty just inhaled and touched remaining scabs of it. The information of the paper intrigues Mitty giving him more and more facts about smallpox. Mitty's friends paper is written about Typhoid and as he talks to Mitty, he refers to bioterrorism and I think it foreshadows about Mitty and him inhaling the scabs. The author holds my attention by building up all events to suspenseful ending.

Journal Entry 2 pgs.79-139

The events that happened between these chapters were these. First Mitty's excessive research on small pox led him to believe that he has smallpox and showed symptoms of it. He thought it was from the scabs he inhaled before. Mitty needed the truth, and went asking questions to scientist of what he encountered, but his e-mails were forwarded to...
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