Code of Life

Topics: DNA, Gene, Biology Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: August 4, 2013
The code of Life
Another fascinating wonder of science is how individuals of the same specie show remarkable variations among their appearance. For this, scientists were once again became curious about how this phenomenon happens. Deep studies and researches were done in order to solve this puzzle. And finally, they discovered the genes contaning the the deoxyribose nucleic acid or what we call the DNA. There are about 97 million Filipinos in the country. In this case, some may have straight or curly hair, white or black skin, pointed or flatted nose and many others. Thus, it is interesting to know where these traits come from. The question that could be answered by means of looking into one’s own DNA, the code of life. The part of the film where the host went to india and had his DNA reanalyzed by the scientists is also striking. Results showed the place where his parents were from and another is one of his ancestor was from india itself. How accurate the science is in determining the secrets of genetics?! People do DNA test to trace if they were genetically attached to each other just like what we usually see in drama shows in the television. From this, we may infer why do Filipinos often believe into the term “lukso ng dugo” to quoute the feeling they feel if they encounter a person they dont know but actually their family. Eventhough the study of the genetics had became hard for so many years, science is now able to explain and apply it to help the people in the society. This large discovery may provide more help in the future through refinement and researches. The code that reveals the greatest secret of life, the DNA.
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