Code of Ethics for Business

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Code of Ethics

Company A is committed to providing expertise management consulting to nonprofit organizations that serve and meet the needs of citizens and communities. This Code of Ethics sets forth standards of behavior for our employees and managers. It is intended to assist them in fulfilling their duties and public representation of Company A.

Employee Standards
The success of Company A depends on our clients and their confidence in our services. We need to value that nonprofits are supported by individuals, corporations and foundations through charitable contributions and volunteer efforts. Many nonprofit organizations are also funded by government through contracts and grants. Therefore, Company A has adopted to use a Code of Ethics to promote ethical practices and accountability from our employees that will be working with these nonprofit organizations and representing Company A. Based on fundamental values, such as honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility and accountability- Company A Standards are our foundation and we will strive to be ethical and accountable in our program operations.

Employee Conduct
Employees are responsible for their own actions and job performance. All employees will have an annual review at the beginning of the calendar year to evaluate performance and company expectations. In addition all employees and managers are expected to abide by the following: ·Treat fellow employees with respect at all times. No forms of abusive language, harassment and discrimination will be tolerated. ·All employees are expected to maintain client confidentiality and keep client information secure at all times. ·Employees are expected to have good attendance and punctuality with the exception of vacation and sick leave. ·During company time or hours of employment, employees are expected to refrain from/ or use alcoholic beverages. Company A has a zero tolerance for employees that use illegal drugs. Employees of Company A must submit to random drug testing if there is "reasonable suspicion" of drug use. ·Professional attire is to be worn during hours of business by all employees and managers. ·Take reasonable care of property owned or used by the company, and do not use company property (computer equipment/ internet/ telephones/office supplies) for personal purposes without authorization from management. Theft of any kind is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

Failure to observe the above rules represents misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action being taken against the individual, in accordance with Company A's disciplinary procedures. Actions may include written warnings, suspension without pay, dismissal with notice, and summary dismissal without notice. The penalty applied will correspond with the degree of seriousness of the misconduct, and consideration will be given of the employee's service, work record, previous behavior, and other extenuating circumstances.

Conflict of Interest
Staff members and management shall act in the best interest of the company, rather than in personal interests or the interests of third parties. Company A has a policy that requires all employees to sign a Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure form before beginning employment. Company A will routinely and systematically review this policy annually with employees to prevent actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest.

Ethics Training
Company A requires that ethics training be mandatory for all new employees. Training will be conducted by the Human Resources Department and should last two days, depending on the number of employees being trained at the time. The purpose of this training (in addition to your department and/or position training) is to focus on principles of good character, ethical decision-making, and respect. Within these principles, employees learn to treat others with fairness and strive for the highest ethical behavior at work. During ethics training,...
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