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Coconut Tree
in S. V. G

Table of Content
 Introduction
 History of Coconut palm
 Where is coconut produce
Types of coconut tree palm
 Different parts of the coconut tree
Uses of coconut palm
 Nutritional Value of coconut
Local Coconut Produce

The coconut tree is call “ the tree
of life because of its endless list of
products and by-products derived
from its various parts (from its
roots to tips (leaves) ( from
culinary to non-culinary).

History of Coconut tree
• The term coconut dates back to
the 16th century. It derives from
the Spanish and Portuguese word
coco, meaning "a grin", "a monkey
face" respectively, since there is a
slight resemblance to a human
face or a monkey head because of
the three tiny indents on the hairy
shell of the fruit. Cocos nucifera is
a scientific term for the coconut
tree, or coconut palm.

Where is coconut palm produce?
• The coconut is a plant which
favorably grows on the
shorelines, it prospers on sandy
soils. The fruit prefers rainy and
sunny weather, it can not resist
low temperatures. For a
propitious growth coconuts also
require an area of high humidity.

Types of coconut palm tree
• There are only two distinct
varieties of coconut, the tall
and the dwarf. The tall
cultivars that are extensively
grown are the West Coast
Tall and East Coast Tall. The
dwarf variety is shorter in
stature and its life span is
short as compared to the tall.

 Long lived palm living generally to an age of about 80 to 90 years  Palms thrive well under different soil conditions varying from littoral sands to red loams and laterites.
 Palms grow well up to an altitude of 3,000 ft. above the sea level. It is fairly resistant to diseases and pests.
 The tree attains a height of about 15m to 18m or more
It begins to bear in about 8 to 10 years after planting
 The nut is medium to big in size varying in shape from spheroid to linear-oblong and with colors varying from green, yellow and orange to shades of brown. About 6,000 nuts yield a ton of copra.

Types of Coconut Palm
• Characteristics:
• The dwarf coconut is small in stature (5-7 m) and commences bearing earlier than the tall variety
• Dwarf coconut palms flower as early as the third year after planting and come to regular bearing in the ninth year.
• The average life span is 40-50 years.
• Dwarf or short variety which producing green, orange and yellow nuts. • Susceptible to drought.
• Nuts are small in size and ovoid or round in shape
• Nut weighs about 3 oz (85 gm) with 65 per cent oil content

Dwaft Coconut tree

Tall Coconut tree

Parts of the coconut tree and its
corresponding benefits
• Coconut Meat –Coconut meat is the rich white lining that is contained within the shell of a coconut. Coconut meat can be juicy and tender, or slightly thick and crunchy, to tough and fibrous depending on how long the kernel has been stored. One of the best parts of coconut tree and its uses is the meat. The meat or nut is a good source of protein and acts as a natural laxative. This is because of its powerful anti microbial effects to the body while the milk is also useful as a natural sweetener and mostly used as an essential ingredient in many dishes. • This is the white part inside of the coconut. It can be use to make Coco flour, animal feed, candies.

Coconut oils
• Coconut Oil -Coconut oil is a type of edible oil made from either the meat or kernel of matured coconuts. Coconut oil appears to have heart-protective properties as well. As it turns out, coconut oil reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol, the so-called “bad cholesterol” in the blood. • Copra is dried coconut meat - has 64% of oil content.

Coconut Leaves
• Coconut Leaves – produce good
quality brooms, hats & mats fruit
trays, waste baskets, fans, bags
beautiful midrib decors,

Coconut Husk
• Coconut Husk- When the husk is
soaked in salt water, its...
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