Coconut Shell as Polish

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Coconut Shells as a Shoe Polish Science Investigatory Project Let us begin our adventure with our

The study focused in making a specialized shoe polish from burned dried coconut husk. It aimed to prove the affectivity of the product in terms of some parametric measurements based on the preferences made by respondents. The parameters were adapted from written reviews for top commercial products. Also, this was made to test if there are really no significant difference between the output of the study and the existing product in the market.

After gathering data through rating scales issued to the respondents of the study, it showed an average of 4,.18. This mean rating was compared to a standard mean obtained by averaging the ratings of predominant commercial products. With the data obtained, the study implied that there is no significant difference between the effectivity of the shoe polish from burned dried coconut husk and the effectivity of the commercial shoe polish. Find your way through the maze to discover the wonders of the Coconut-Shell Shoe Polish...

Chapter I: Introduction Background of the Study
A. Background of the study
The coconut is the fruit of the most economically important member of the great palm family, Palmae. The genus cocos is Southeast Asian and contains only one species, C. Nucifera. Cultivated in tropical lowlands, almost always near the sea, the coconut has long been distributed throughout Southeast Asia and along the Tropical African and American coasts. For centuries, the coconut pal has supplied the people of the Pacific Islands with food, drink, shelter, and most of their needs. The roots furnish as a dye; the trunks are used for post in buildings; and the harder outer part is cut into boards called Porcupine woods. Shoe shining is the process of applying an external substance to the surface of a shoe to improve the

materials and make it shinier. Shoe shining has been a part of shoe care for hundred of years. Adding a shine to
a shoe brings polish to an outfit. Shoe polish products
are low-value items are frequently purchased as a single
but might last for several days. The researchers wanted to produce shoe polish out of the coconut husk. since it's only use is for starting fires, the researchers found another use for it. This lead to conduct an experiment using the ashes of coconut husk for shoe polish. If this product will be successful, it can help in recycling the coconut husk and can lessen them to avoid them scattering all over our community OH NO!!! YOU'VE ENCOUNTERED A MINOTAUR!!! AND IT'S A DEAD-END!!! THAT'S A BIG PROBLEM... SPEAKING OF PROBLEMS... I GUESS IT'S TIME TO PRESENT OUR...

This study aims to make an effective shoe polish out of ashes from burned Coconut Husk. Specifically, the study would like to answer the following : What are the components that are present in the ashes? How effective is the shoe polish in terms of: Shine that it could give

Life Span
Color of Polish compared to other brands What is the difference between the commercial shoe polish from the shoe polish out ashes from the coconut husk? C. Hypothesis
There were no significant difference between the efficiency of our product to the commercial shoe polish that was sold on the market. D. Significance of the Study
One of the main benefits of a shoe shine is that it helps preserve the material that shoes are made out of. Polishing products also provides the coating of wax on the leather that helps in keeping it waterproof and reduces the dirt accumulated on the leather. Shoe polish also gives a moisturizing effect to the leather and proper care may help in lasting the shoes for several years. Since coconut is abundant in our country, people can make it a source of livelihood. E. Scope and Limitation

A coconut husk has a fiber called coir. Coconut husk as a basic ingredient in making our own shoe polish especially when...
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