Coco Cola Rural India

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Thanda matlab coca cola

Coca cola India
Presented by: Mayank jain

INTRODUCTION Invented by – Introduced on – Country of Origin – Dr. John S. Pemberton 8th May, 1886. United States

Head Quarters located in Atlanta, Georgia Name Given By – Manufacturer – Frank Robinson Coca Cola Company

What is Rural?
Definitions of Rural Census Village: Basic Unit for rural areas is the revenue village, might comprise several hamlets demarcated by physical boundaries. Town: Towns are actually rural areas but satisfy the following criteria.  Minimum Population >=5,000  Population density>= 400/ sq. km.  75% of the male population engaged in non-agri activity.


Locations with population up to 10,000 will be considered as rural and 10,000 to 100,000 as semi-urban. All locations irrespective of villages or town, up to a population of 10,000 will be considered as ‘rural’. Towns with population up to 15,000 are considered as rural. Locations having shops/ commercials establishments’ up to 10,000 are treated as rural. The rural and semi urban area is defined as all other than the seven metros.


Planning Commission Sahara

LG Electronics

What makes coke to move rural ?
• • • • • Flat sales in urban 70% population of India lives in rural areas 1/3rd of country’s GNP 450 districts, 6,30,000 villages approx. Un tapped rural market

Challenges for Coke
• • • • Poor rural Infrastructure. Erratic power supply. Different consumption habits. Preference for traditional cold beverages (lassi, lemonade, sugarcane juice, etc). • Price of the branded beverages.

Thanda moves rural
• New campaign by Aamir khan • Tag line “ thanda matlab coco cola” • Generic brand

CCI’s Rural Mktg. Strategy
Three As Availability: Capacity expansion – 25 prod. lines and doubled bottle capacity. Unique and different distribution strategy – hub & spoke distribution. Coverage of 1,58,342 villages by Aug. 2003 (81,383 in 2001). 2,00,000 refrigerators to rural...
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