Coco Chanel

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Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel, the persona known for her royal lovers, rotogravure friends, and her rare tastes, later becomes her own best advertisement. In addition to her trademark suits and little black dresses, fashion designer, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, created timeless designs that still remain on top of the fashion industry today. She was a respected style iconize known for her simple yet sophisticated outfits paired with great accessories. Coco Chanel’s legacy is legendary, so was the public persona she constructed and promoted. Coco Chanel was born in Saumar, in the Loire Valley of France. Chanel was placed in a French orphanage by her father, who worked as a peddler, after her mother had passed away. She survived an unfortunate childhood in a convent education for girls, where she was raised by nuns. This is where she was first taught to sew, a specific skill that would lead to her unexpected life’s work. The following difficulties that she struggled with in her early years only inspired her to begin a new and different lifestyle. Gabrielle Chanel became Coco Chanel while working entirely in a different occupation in her previous years of life, as a singer. In 1913, Chanel was a young 20 years old and she had just opened her first millinery shop in Paris with the help from friend, Etienne Balsan, who she later left for wealthier friend, Arthur “Boy” Capel. These men were both instrumental to Chanel’s first fashion venture. And little did she know that this would later become the world’s most illustrious fashion house up until modern day today. The second shop begins to rise which is located in resort town, Deauville. Coco Chanel was selling many boater hats and a limited amount of garments from her featured line. She was able to develop strong relationships, creating her clientele to become very dedicated and loyal to her product. Introducing the sportswear collection offered her great success without any acknowledgement. The material was made of...

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