Cockroach Analysis

Topics: Poetry, Poetic form, Stanza Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: September 2, 2013
The Cockroach
By: - Ishan Kaushik (9D)
This poem is written by Kevin Halligan. This poem talks about the poet’s life reflected in the cockroach’s movements. This poem is a type of sonnet. The poet of this poem is a Canadian poet who was born in 1964 and lived in England and Toronto. This poem can be interpreted into two ways. To a normal reader, this poem is nothing but about the cockroach’s movements. If we look at the poem more closely, we can see that the poet uses the cockroach’s movements as a metaphor to show his own life.

This poem is written as a sonnet. It has two quatrains and one sestet. In the first quatrain, the poet shows the way the cockroach and him get the confidence to do something new and reacts to reach a goal. This quatrain has a rhyming scheme of ‘AB-AB’. The word ‘Giant’ shows that the poem is about an adult rather than a baby. The phrase ‘started to pace’ shows that the cockroach and the poet started to work in order to achieve their goal. In the second line, ‘skirting a ball of dust’ resembles that the poet overcomes the problems he faced. It also shows that it was hard for them to achieve their goal. After they have achieved their goal, they felt satisfied. The last line of this stanza shows that they can navigate themselves and felt confident.

The second quatrain shows that the poet becomes unsatisfied and wants to accomplish more. The Rhyming scheme of this quatrain is also ‘AB-AB’. The first word of this stanza ‘but’ shows the turning point of the poet’s life. The word ‘Crooked ring’ gives an unpleasant feeling to the reader. ‘Circling around the rusty table’ tells that he is not improving perhaps he might have taken a wrong path. The poet doesn’t tell the actual problem thus creates and builds up the suspense of the reader. The poet also doesn’t tells about him symbolizing himself in poem but rather he gives the cockroach the human like features using personification like ‘flipping’, ‘scratching’, ‘jog’ etc....
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