Cochise Speech

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The War is Over
In Cochise speech, which he gave after he was defeated, he try to make an agreement between his people and the American.
In this speech he was trying to win the American compassionate toward the Indian. Therefore, his speech has many striking images reflecting the Indian emotions.
However, Cochise refer to the "Indian" in this speech as "My people", by referring to them in this way he is proudly say I am one of them and also a clever way to say that Indian are people too and have right as any other human being.

Cochise used many metaphors to visualize the Indian's emotions. He emphasis the image of the mountain to capture there attention to the greatness of that symbol which he uses to describe the past of the Indian. And by having in mind the he is trying to win the American compassionate, he is saying that we used to be as great as the mountain and now we lost everything to you.

Cochise also mention the wars that the Indian had. He mentioned the Spanish and the M when the brought “great wonders” there guns and swords. Which was very strange to the Indian. But yet the didn't fear them. That’s shows how strong the Indian were. So by saying this he is trying to say the we fear you the American because you are trying to drive us away from our land.

Cochise describes relations between them and the American to make them realize that they had nothing to do with the wars. The used to live in peace until the American stated it. Those all techniques to make the American realize that the Indian is the victims of the American bad decisions.

In the end of this speech Cochise reveals his real purpose of his surrender he came to the American not because he could not fight no more, but because he want the best interest of his people. Cochise was a warrior, and to surrender for such a proud man was very difficult but to show to the American the he is welling to do anything for the peace.

Cochise was a great warrior and leader, he knew...
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