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Topics: Assassination / Pages: 8 (1785 words) / Published: Oct 15th, 2013
Joseph Egan
English 1010-09

The Profile of a Contract Killer

When taking a dive into the taboos of society a great number of things come to mind, everything from prostitution to drug rings, but both these and many of their counterparts are connected to one common thing, that thing is organized crime. Organized crime is any criminal operation or illegal activity that operates within a system outside the law. That being said it’s obviously a dangerous business; one that must be run with an iron fist, that fist is the professional hit man. Contract killers have earned a sinister title within society, but more curious is how they actually react to their crimes, and the idea that there are varying types of contract killers. When it comes to domination; in addition to threats, intimidation, and extortion, the mob also uses bribes and politics to achieve its goals. When these aren’t enough, it’s the contract killer’s job to clean up messes, or make them, depending on your perspective. But when delving deeper, it becomes evident that contract killers don’t just kill for the mob or drug cartels, there are also government assassins and the greater majority are free-lance, working only for hard money. So here’s my question, what is it that contract killers use to justify their acts, and how do they cope with the psychological and sociological effects of their acts, if they suffer at all?
The first similarity that was noted when considering the motives of such a group was an almost unanimous want of power or financial wealth. It should be noted that there are two groups of commonly found contract killers, those that kill for personal gain and those that kill for belief or greater good, the second group to be addressed later.
This first group, the “selfish killers” tend to come from troubled backgrounds, typically those of extreme poverty and even tragedy. These individuals are often raised in a setting that causes them to make anything permissible in the

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