Cocacola vs Pepsi

Topics: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Advertising Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Brand Image
Brand image is very high throughout the world. It’s so famous that almost everyone knows about it. It develops so strong image that also has a great effect on the corporate image as well. It is rated as the world’s number one cold drink and is famed for its internationally well-known brand name “Coca-Cola”. Coke is well supported by Coca-Cola Ltd. in the local market and enjoys distinct position. Brand Positioning

The brand positioning of the Coca Cola is very strong. Company focuses on the TOM. This top of the mind strategy leads the consumers to remember the product as well as position the product as number one. Positioning strategy is the real strength of the company because it contributed a lot in the success of the company. Quality

Quality products are the major strength of the company if it sustained by the company. The product quality has improved due to upgraded quality of packaging and the ameliorated liquid in comparison to its competitors. Consistency in the performance will leads to the quality management. Coca Cola Company manages its quality throughout the world very well. Training and Development

Company provides its employees training which helps them to cope up with existing needs as well as focuses on employees’ development programs which helps them to meet their future needs. They know if their employees are happy and motivated then ultimately it will show as quality and innovative products.

Brand Image
One of PepsiCo’s top brands is of course Pepsi, one of the most recognized brands of the world. Pepsi has stayed in this market for almost one century. So they are so experienced and stationed in people's mind deeply. Now no one doesn't know the brand Pepsi-Cola Whenever the name Pepsi is heard, people will conjure up the image of fresh and cool drink. Advertising

It has the ability to place an Idle sum of money to the promotion. We can see that the advertisement of Pepsi-Cola is...
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