Coca Cola's Marketing Strategy

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Coca Cola was introduced in 1886. It began with the curiosity of Dr. John S. Pemberton a pharmacist, he wanted to create a drink to substitute his use of morphine; since he was addicted. As he succeed by creating the prototype Coca-Cola recipe, in Pemberton’s Eagle Drug and Chemical House. He made the drink by using syrup mix and carbonated water, after accomplishing his task of making the drink. He was set out to let his pharmaceutical neighbors to try it, those who sampled the product were Dr. Pemberton’s partner and bookkeeper, and Frank M. Robinson. Besides them sampling the product, they had help create the name Coca-Cola. Market segmentation

Since soda is a convenience product, people don’t evaluate too much the product to buy it. The versatility of the product allows Coca-Cola using any possible segmentation strategy. The firm has been so intentional in identifying, understanding, and respecting the different countries’ cultures, how people live their lives, national sport preferences, goals, values, how they perceive themselves, etc. The company has been successful appealing specific motivations and desires for customers around the world. It could be a global appeal like peace, unification, sharing, friendship or a precise targeting, for example, in the U.S. the company appeals to achievement, victory, independence, success, and similar ideas. In Latin America is appealing to family, celebrations, traditions, working hard, and so on. The company has targeted in every country their particular appealing, which is what has made customers to embrace easily Coca-Cola as part of their daily lives. Global marketing

The company was founded in May 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. During early 1900’s the company built two plants one in Cuba and one in Panama, additional plants were built in Puerto Rico, Philippines and Hawaii reducing costs and increasing demand. In 1926, the company continued growing investing in many different countries. Actually, Coca-Cola has investments in 200 countries. In 1928, the company became the first sponsor of the Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Coca-Cola has sponsored different events such as the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), National Hockey League (NHL), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football Association (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), NASCAR, and Cricket World Cup positioning Coca-Cola as one of the most visible products around the world Success in marketing

Coca-Cola is definitely one of the most successful companies in the world, no wonder it has been in the market for almost 135 years. First, the company has used an excellent advertising plan, which is constantly reminding people about its product. Second, Coca-Cola has never compromised neither the original taste of the product or the color of its logo successfully keeping its customers’ acceptance. In addition, the firm has been open to make some changes and adaptations to the product satisfying the needs of health concern customers or sport performers customers. Third, the firm has developed strong and fair relationships with its suppliers. Fourth, Coca-Cola is environmental friendly. Using plastic or aluminum bottles that are totally recyclable and glass bottles that are reusable, which not only has collaborated in protecting the Earth’s future but also has gained public approval. Fourth, the company has increased its community connections by supporting students with scholarship funds. The beverages company has been successful in making its products available literally everywhere producing eight million servings a day worldwide, which demonstrates the company has accomplished its mission refreshing the world. Target Market:

The Coca Cola Company has become so interconnected with the global market that it can be somewhat difficult to pinpoint an exact “Target Market.” Coca Cola has an arsenal of products lined up in shelves across the world. I can honestly say from owning...
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