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Before I try to illustrate in this paper specific strategies of company, I should mention that different factors has an influence on strategic move on specific company as well as role of management. Further, there are different views of strategy: as a ploy, plot, pattern, position, and perspective. Strategy is a high level plan to achieve on or more goals of uncertainty.1 In order to achieve certain goals, company needs recourses that are usually limited. What is most important is how the managers are using these resources. Some of main types of generic strategies that some companies can practice are: growth i.e. increasing companies value true purchasing a new assets, including new business, launched a new products etc. The second thing is internationalization (International trade true export/import or Foreign Direct Investment) / globalization i.e. moving operations in more countries. Example for this is Coca – Cola and in this paper I will try to examine strategic move of Coca – Cola and to draw the good strategies through it’s expand. As this is a huge company, they have a huge strategies implemented throughout their growth. The Coca – Cola Company: an Overview

Most recognizable brand around the globe and most valuable brand based in Atlanta, Georgia. Coca – Cola’s first beverage brand looked at consumers in 1886, they developed a market innovation of first soda brand, world leading manufacturer and distributor of non – alcoholic beverage. At late 90s, Coca- Cola was one of the most reputable companies in the world, because of successful management team who knows ‘Know- How’. Nowadays, they are leaders in beverage industry and operate in over 200 countries worldwide including the most famous soft drink ‘Coca – Cola’, with more then 3500 products worldwide and over 500 brands. Company like this, with history of 125 years has to have good strategy to survive on the market. It is one of the most known company in the world. Coca – Cola products are available all over the world and resulted as world favorite soft drink. But with which strategies Coca – Cola will continue to hold in order to save their position in the soft drinks world market? Should follow the same strategy from their beginning of should innovate products? Well that’s what I will try to examine in this paper and show good strategies of Coca-Cola Company. Corporate principles of Coca - Cola Company:

Many companies have their missions and visions that strive. Mission

Vision - is represented in 6Ps:
Refresh the world with their brand
Brand which inspire happiness and optimism
Make a world different and create a value


Promise of Coca – Cola Company is: ‘Coca - Cola drink exist to refresh everyone who get in touch whit their soft drink’. 1.‘Think global, and Act local’ - Being global is their main strength. The ‘world of soft drink’ is dominated by 3 households brands: Coca – Cola, PepsiCo and Cadbury-Schweppes. Coca-Cola claims number one market share, their international success can thanks to Sergio Zyman, former chief of this company leading to this message - company thinks globally, must act locally. They are still following the same message. 2. Act according to the consumer needs – Coca-Cola always try to satisfy the consumer need with good quality, innovation and taste. ‘The voice of the consumer is the heart of the brand’.2 3.Coca - Cola soft drink always in heart of the company - Coca-Cola soft drink has to be core, leader product in their company. 4.Huge assortment of non-alcoholic drinks – Coca – Cola company is always trying to have innovation in order to have a diversify product in their product assortments, to satisfy consumer needs with innovative products and new attractive brands. 5.Coca-Cola leads to be the most famous brand and best marketing player – When we think about Coca – Cola different thing comes to our mind, that all...

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