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For enquiries, please contact Coca-Cola Sabco (Pty) Ltd on: Tel: +27 41 395 4071 . Fax: +27 41 374 4266. Email: For a specific country request, please contact the country representative. Cambodia +855 232428 99 1 1 6 Cambodia +855 1 834 Ethiopia +25 1 1756 114 681 Ethiopia +251 1 1 2 763 Kenya +254 206 998 Kenya +254 20 699 8000000 Mozambique +258 2 1 400 189 Mozambique +258 21 400 189 Namibia +264 613 207 Namibia +264 61 320 7000000 Nepal +997 143 506 Nepal +997 1435 0602 02 South Africa +27 41 395395 4083 South Africa 4083 41 Sri Lanka +94 11 248 7700 700 +94 1.1 2 487 Tanzania +255 22 2700 700 Tanzania 222 700 Uganda +256 288 415 Uganda +256 41 312 365 00 Vietnam +848 896 1000 Vietnam +848 896 1000 Further information can be obtained at

Corporate Responsibility Review 2007

CEO’s Message CCS Overview Corporate Governance Corporate Responsibility Workplace Marketplace Environment Community 2008 and Beyond Corporate Responsibility Review ‘07

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a brief overview The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

“We joined the United Nations Global Compact
in 2007 and we are committed to supporting its ten core principles. Contributing Towards a Better Future for our Communities
Since launching our annual Corporate Responsibility Review in 2005, we have spoken of the journey that we are embarking on together with key stakeholders to ensure that we make a positive contribution to all of our internal and external stakeholders. I am pleased to say that we have continued to make good progress on our sustainability journey. I am proud to announce that we joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2007 and we are committed to supporting its ten core principles. We share the conviction that business practices rooted in these universal principles contribute to a more stable, equitable and inclusive global market and help to build more prosperous and thriving societies. 2007 represented a year of considerable change within Coca-Cola Sabco (Pty) Ltd. We developed what we have termed 'The Created Future’ (page 04), which sets out some ambitious goals for the organisation to achieve by 2010. I am convinced that, as we achieve these goals, we will see increased contribution to our employees, our shareholders, our value chain partners and, very importantly, our external communities and environments. It is all underwritten by a firm commitment to our role as a responsible corporate citizen. Together with our partner, The Coca-Cola Company, we recognise that, beside it being the right thing to do, focusing on creating sustainable communities in all the territories in which we operate also makes business sense. This principle is vital as it directs our people and our resources towards, not only achieving business goals, but also ensuring that our actions always take into account our community and environmental impact.

The Global Compact's ten principles are derived from:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights; International Labour Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work; ? The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development; and ? The United Nations Convention Against Corruption ? The

? The

The Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment, and anti-corruption: m

Human Rights

Many of CCS's people work in very trying socio-political environments and I am very proud of the resilience and passion that they show to contribute positively in these environments. We have faced many upheavals and, in each case, I am proud to say that our people have risen to the challenge and made a difference. The aim of the Report is to provide an overview of CCS's activities in the marketplace, workplace, environment and community....
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