Coca Cola Project Report

Topics: Coca-Cola, Soft drink, PepsiCo Pages: 31 (9708 words) Published: August 15, 2011

“A Comparative Study of soft drinks”


(Session: 2010-2012)

Submitted By:
Shiva Bhardwaj
EBS ID- 0101PG009



Research report is an integral part of management courses. Project report experience refers to knowledge and skills acquired by a student by participation in activities performed by professional. It is distinct from an education in which theoretical knowledge is acquired. The ability to develop solutions to practical through application of theoretical knowledge is acquired by management students in the course of their Project report. It also helps the students to develop professional competence and related skills as also to imbibe certain ethical values and norms expected of professionals. The soft drink industry has entered to booming phase and soft drink is available everywhere like water. To monopolize market powerful projects are undertaken. This project is an endeavor in that direction.

The development of soft drink market it is necessary to touch all areas and the soft drink should be available in rural areas as well as in urban sector, now the companies are focusing on rural market and the strategies for that are made and market research for the promotion is needed.

The emphasis in the project is providing the study and an insight into Indian FMCG Business Scenario. The Summer Project is designed to provide participation of MBA program as on the job experience. This has given a chance to try and apply the academic knowledge and gain insight into corporate culture. This helps in developing decision-making abilities and emphasizes on active participation by the student. We undertook our Research in Coca cola Hindustan, a leading Bottler and Marketing partner of the beverage. During the project, we had worked on the topic “A comparative study of soft drinks”.

We gained valuable experience & knowledge during the survey. The Project consists of findings, data analysis & then SWOT analysis & conclusions were drawn and finally recommendations were put forward.


The Research report will be incomplete without acknowledge giving my sincere, gratitude to all persons who have helped me in the preparation of this research. First of all, I thank “GOD ALIMIGHTY” for the blessings showered on me throughout this project work, which has helped me in the successful completion of the training. I express our thanks to Hindustan Coca cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. for granting me the permission to work with the esteem organization. I am also thankful to Mr. ASHUTOSH- (MIS EXECUTIVE) ADVANCE SALES&SERVICE Pvt. Ltd Coca cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd who guided and helped us in all possible ways they could, at every stage of the report.
My humble thanks are to Mr. Ajay singh (TRAINING MANAGER) for guiding me during research report.
I would also like to thank all the Executives, distributors & staff of Hindustan Coca cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd who provided us all the relevant information and their kind support, on the basis of which this report has been prepared. Lastly I would like to pay our special regards to my internal guide for their encouragement and full support for completion of this report work.


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