Coca-Cola Pest & Value Chain Analysis

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Assignment on SIM

Topic: PEST Analysis, IS/IT Strategy

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|Introduction: |03 | |Task 1: |03 | |Coca-Cola: PEST Analysis |03 | |Value Chain Analysis: |05 | |IS/IT Strategy of Coca-Cola: |06 | |Task 2: |07 | |Conclusion: |11 | |Reference: |12 | |Bibliography: |14 |

In the International market, there have many strategies to reach to the goals of the company. Every company uses their own strategy and therefore they can make profit. There have many factors which are working behind their success or failure. Some factors like political, economic, social and technological factors play a vital role. Again the company’s value chain and their IS/IT, Their HRM function as well as their marketing strategy also cause of their business situation (Rose, E., 2001). In this assignment I would like to evaluate a company’s PEST analysis and their value chain as well as there IS/IT strategy which help the company to achieve their competitive advantage in the first spell. Not only that but also in the second spell I will discuss about some company’s IS/IT strategy in HR function. To the view of point I chose a renowned company named Coca-Cola.

Task 1:
One of the products in Coca-Cola Company is Pepsi Cola. Pepsi Cola make the international market hotspots and it already covers Eastern Europe, Mexico, china, Saudi Arabia and India and leading that company without any competitors. The market share of Pepsi Cola is 37% which is operating in 10 countries. PEST Analysis: PEST analysis is consists of political, social, economic and technological impacts in the market place of a company’s changes. P: Political Change: Political change is indicating the control from one party to another. As the regulation of FDA, all non-alcoholic drink company like Coca-Cola is under some laws. The company will be panelized if they don’t follow the laws. As examples, Coca-Cola has faced some changes for the law of accounting standards, taxation requirements, and ecological laws in home or overseas explanation. Again, example like, non-alcoholic business environment changes make impact on Coca-Cola’s business environment. These changes are including, without limitation, competitive product as well as pricing pressure. Also the capability of achieving or maintaining sales share in the world market. Another example like the environment of politics in the international market which is also including national turbulence changes as well as the government changes the restrictions when Coca-Cola exports their capitals through the border. E: Economic Change: In the previous year the economy of USA was strong and the...

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