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This paper is about “Coca-Cola” company which produces and manufactures soft drinks, and this product is well known all around the world for many decades. The materials used to get the information about the company are from the internet, newspaper and the bottle itself. The paper will speak about how the product came to the final result as an output and what does it take to manufacture it.

Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world. It is sold in more and more markets, creating thousands of new jobs in the local economies. The brand is owned by The Coca-Cola Company which works with franchisees across the world. These franchisees perform the bottling and canning operations and are also known as packagers.

This paper will discuss the following:
* What are the stages of manufacturing?
* How does the company guarantee the quality of the products to reach customers satisfaction? * What are the steps after guaranteeing the product so that the product to be introduced to the markets? * Conclusion

* Important keywords

1- Stages of manufacturing

-Transforming resources
Coca-Cola’s bottlers and canners are concerned with a range of processes involved in transforming resources into the bottles and cans of drink that we are familiar with. There is a difference between transforming resources and transformed resources: * The transforming resources are the managers, employees, machinery and equipment used by The Coca-Cola Company and its franchisees. * The transformed resources are the materials (the cans, bottles, liquids, etc.) and the information which are processed to create the finished product. -Manufacturing Coca-Cola

Primarily, Coca-Cola is manufactured by franchisees who are the world’s leading bottling and canning companies. This franchise business is strictly controlled by The Coca-Cola Company. Soft drinks manufacture is a competitive business. Manufacturing techniques are continually improved. This helps meet the highest quality standards for its products using the most cost effective production techniques. For example, very small changes in the shape of the can could save a canning factory millions of dollars in production costs. The production of Coca-Cola involves two major operations:

* Creating the packaging material
* Bottling and canning the finished drink.
For many years, Coca-Cola was produced in glass bottles. Because of the high cost of distributing bulky bottles, they had to be manufactured close to where the bottling took place. Today, this is no longer so important since new packaging methods have revolutionized the process. Advanced bottling and canning technology makes Coca-Cola cans and bottles very light but extremely strong. The Company has invested a lot of time and money in research and development to ensure the most effective life cycle impact of its packaging. By using the minimum quantities of materials in packaging, the cans and plastic bottles are simple to crush or to reprocess at the end of the initial life cycle. -Preparing to fill cans

Cans are delivered in bulk to a canning plant. At this stage the cans are shaped like an open cup ready to receive the liquid drink. They are not fully formed because the ring pull end has still to be fitted. After they have been inspected to check that there are no faults, each can goes through a rinsing machine to make sure it is clean and ready for filling. -Preparing the drink

Coca-Cola consists of a concentrated beverage base and a liquid sweetener which are combined to form the syrup from which the drink is made. The Company ships the concentrate to bottling and canning plants where the franchisees mix it with sugar and local water. The water is passed through a number of filters to make sure it is absolutely pure. Carbon dioxide, which...
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