Coca Cola Marketing Communication

Topics: Coca-Cola, Advertising, The Coca-Cola Company Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: August 24, 2011

            We all know what coca cola is. It needs no introduction. It is the carbonated drink that we call coke and that most people can’t live without. Coca cola has been in business for 125 years. It has 139,600 employees in more than 200 countries from all over the globe and produces 1.7 billion servings per day. As a successful beverage company, coca cola has enjoyed 49 consecutive years of increased dividends which means that it is successful and it is profiting – a lot! (The Coca Cola Company, n.d.)

            Coca cola is the major sponsor of the biggest show on earth, American Idol – a reality singing competition in the United States which has ran for 10 seasons. This year, American Idol is on its 10th year. If you watch the show every week you will see the seriousness and aggressiveness of its marketing campaign. Coco cola is used as a screen saver for American Idol’s big screens on stage. You will also see very conspicuously and coca cola resting on the judges’ tables sipped by the famous celebrities of the world, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Of course the seemingly subtle hints are screaming subliminally to viewers to sip the same soda that the famous people are drinking.

            At present there could be more than 60 million viewers of the show from the United States alone, that excludes the other countries all over the world that are glued to the primetime show, let’s make it then hundreds of millions of viewers representing different races, genders and age and even religion. So that is the target number of coca cola’s market through American Idol. This is an effective strategy of coca cola that can be summed up as hitting many birds with one stone, that is, through American Idol alone.

            In addition to American Idol Coca Cola also shows advertising campaigns that are customized in each specific country and which are shown on televisions, internet, radios,...
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