Coca Cola Hr Report

Topics: Trade union, Employment, Global union federation Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: March 18, 2007
The Coca-Cola Way

In 1999, following the merger of Coca-Cola's four bottling operations (Hindustan Coca-Cola Bottling North West, Hindustan Bottling Coca-Cola Bottling South West, Bharat Coca-Cola North East, and Bharat Coca-Cola South East), human resources issues gained significance at the company. Two new companies, Coca-Cola India, the corporate and marketing office, and Coca-Cola Beverages were the result of the merger. The merger brought with it over 10,000 employees to Coca-Cola, doubling the number of employees it had in 1998. Coca-Cola had to go in for a massive restructuring exercise focusing on the company's human resources to ensure a smooth acceptance of the merger. The first task was to put in place a new organizational structure that vested profit and loss accounting at the area level, by renaming each plant-in-charge as a profit center head

Work is more than a place to go every day. We believe work should be a place of exploration, discovery, creation and rich interpersonal relationships. It's about finding a better way to do the job. Making every hour count. Feeling satisfaction in a job well done when the day is over. Every day, in every country where we do business, we strive to be a great place to work. Our goal is to inspire and motivate our people to continue to achieve extraordinary things every day. We want them to take pride in their work and their Company. After all, our business ultimately depends on our people-their combined talents, skills, knowledge, experience and passion make us who we are. Our people and those who do business with us around the world know we are committed to earning their trust with a set of values that represent the highest standards of quality, integrity, excellence, compliance with the law and respect for the unique customs and cultures in communities where we operate. We are committed to developing relationships with our people that reflect and demonstrate our respect for human rights in the...
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