Coca Cola Design and Branding

Topics: Bottle, Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company Pages: 4 (1501 words) Published: February 25, 2013
The Coca-Cola contour bottle is one of the brand’s key icons and is the symbol of the brand’s authenticity. It was developed in 1916 to create a distinct identity for the brand in consumers’ minds and to protect the brand from being imitated by competitors. Today it represents the very essence of the brand’s identity in the marketplace and remains instrumental in differentiating the brand from all other competing products. The familiar shape of the Coca-Cola bottle and the flowing script of its trademark are the world’s most widely recognised commercial symbols. Coca-Cola is recognised by 94 percent of the earth’s population. The Coca-Cola trademark incorporates a number of elements which have become synonymous with the brand. These include: the Coca-Cola red and white graphics, Brand name written in the universally known Spencarian Script, the famous countour shape of the Coca-Cola bottle. Together, these elements are instrumental in differentiating Coca-Cola from all other competing brands. The packaging of a product serves a number of functions. At the most basic level, it contains and protects a product. However, packaging is also an important marketing tool. It is critical in describing a product, attracting consumer attention and differentiating the product from competitors. The Coca-Cola contour bottle is perhaps one of the most unique forms of product packaging. While it was originally introduced as a means of protecting the brand from imitation, it is now the most central part of the Coca-Cola brand identity. The bottle communicates the uniqueness, originality, superior refreshment and enduring values of the brand. A market research survey was carried out to examine consumers’ attitudes to the contour shape. In this survey, consumers described the contour bottle as communicating a variety of positive meanings. It was seen as: a symbol of the ultimate enjoyment and refreshment from Coca-Cola, possesing a sensual look and feel, a symbol of good...
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