Coca-Cola Brand Equity Short Essay

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Homework Assignment-4: Evaluate the Brand Equity of Your case Product (Coca-Cola Company)

"DRINK ME (!)"

The Coca-Cola Company is the world leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of soft-drink concentrates and syrups. It is operating in more than 200 brands in over 200 countries. Today, with 74 million dolars, Coca-Cola is the most valuable brand in the world. Company achieves a contunious upsticks in volume sales and revenue improvements each and every year largely fueled by popular loyalty to its products. Evaluating the brand equity of Coca-Cola Company will be helpful to understand the success of company's brand management. To start with, Coca-Cola Company has a brand equity which is difficult to measure; because it has extended their brand to include numerous product. In addition to the a lot of versions of its best product, Coca-Cola, which is in competition with other soda brands and companies, Coca-Cola Company competes itself. In markets they globally operates, there are also numerous brands in beverage category such as Fanta, Sprite and Powerade etc. The very point in this, to serve customers who may dislike one product as giving them an option they may like in Coca-Cola Company brand/product family. However, this situation is the main factor that hardens to measure brand equity. Because, a customer may be unaware that the product he/she prefers is actually in the Coca-Cola Company family. As a result, while measuring the brand equity, categorizing customers as loyal and repetitive becomes confusing. On the other hand, Coca-Cola Company has always successfuly managed this confusion and focused differently on each brand in investing. "We always put our brands first in everything that we do, across each and every one of our operating groups." chief executive Muhtar Kent once said in a conference....
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