Cobit Assessment Matrix

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1. INTRODUCTION: At a certain point in time, every organization has to take steps to change/improve itself and its processes to comply with its own goals and that of its clients. The ultimate goal of a business is growth and that can be done in a continuous or a phased fashion. Everyone in the organization tries to hold on to their known state of operations, organization and processes stating that things have worked fine or are working fine. However this can only work up to a certain point where operations based on goodwill, minor adjustments or ad-hoc solutions no longer work and more drastic steps towards more efficient activities are required especially from an internal perspective. That is one of the reasons Capital Investments has decided to procure an ERP solution, which will catapult the corporation to new level of growth and profitability and operational excellence. Therefore, this matrix will enable the ERP implementation committee in general and Internal Audit and ICT divisions in particular to continuously assess whether the implementation process complies with the COBIT.


Theoretic methodological steps for ERP procurement:
Diagnostics phase: a. Preparing the business case b. Determining the credibility of the need to change to ERP, with specific reasons, goals, scope and desired outcomes; in such a way that everyone has a clear understanding of what the corporation will be like after the changes. c. Using the correct wording and communication of the desired behavioural changes in staff members. Design phase a. Assembly of implementation team, including a senior manager who is the direct sponsor of the project, crucial at this point is that top management not only buy into the project but also lend its full support by word and deed.

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b. The mobilization of all implementation team members via several techniques such as steering groups, work sessions, interviews etc, in order to achieve their active involvement in the different steps of the project. c. Identify all risks and hindrances in the different future steps of the project. d. Creation of a project management plan for the actual project. Implementation phase a. The Continuous monitoring of the ongoing involvement of all actors, and offering ongoing support to enable the desired outcomes and the meeting of deadlines. This is done through different techniques like communicating to members when significant milestones are crossed, feedback sessions, interactive meetings and so on.


IMPORTANCE: 1 (least) to 5 (very) PERFORMANCE: how has it been done: 1 (very well) to 5 (very badly) FORMALITY: Existence of a contract/procedure / documentation (Yes, No) AUDITED: Assurance given (Yes, No) 2.2 MATURITY MODEL:

0 Non-existent: Complete lack of recognizable processes 1 Initial: processes are disorganized and ad hoc 2 Repeatable but intuitive: Processes follow a regular pattern 3 Defined: processes are documented standardised and communicated 4 Managed & measurable: processes monitored and measured by management and action is taken where there is non-compliance. Automation and tools are used in a limited or fragmented way

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5 Optimised: Processes have been refined to a level of Good practice; IT is used in an integrated way to automate workflow providing tools to improve quality and effectiveness. 2.3 R. A. C. I. CHART FUNCTION:

A R.A.C.I chart identifies who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and/or Informed. R: Responsible- refers to the person who must ensure that activities are completed successfully A: Accountable- means ‘the buck stops here’—this is the person who provides direction and authorises an activity. C: Consultated - those people whose opinions are sought on an...
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