Coastline Systems Consulting, Inc.

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Introduction The proposed Client Technology Tracking System will track the components and configuration information for each piece of equipment for each client. Component information will include purchase date to track warranty periods. Configuration information will be very flexible to handle all the kinds of information that needs to be tracked. An Internet-based portion of the system will allow clients to submit service requests and consultants to enter work notes to provide a history for each client. Methods and procedures This system allows clients to directly and independently enter a service request or track the status of an already existing request any time of day through means of a web application. Simultaneously, technicians have the flexibility to submit maintenance records based off the service request as well as locate history information such as the installation or removal of equipment and components. The intention here is to improve customer service with fast responses and resolutions. Burden is also relieved from technicians who know exactly what to bring and expect. It will also institute a reporting mechanism for statistics, visual representations, and analysis. All these activities have lead to programming a prototype. Test data has been used to ensure that the prototype performs as intended. Facts and details Discussion and analysis of facts and details Recommendation The new system is an improvement over the existing one in many ways: clients using this new system will be able to enter service requests directly through a web-based interface. It organizes requests complete with background history pertaining to service, equipment, and component information. As a result, response time decreases by nearly fifteen percent. Resolution intervals are also expected to shorten as technicians will have information about precisely where to begin or to pinpoint the direct cause of...
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