Coastal Managment

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Coastal Management Case Study
Case Study 12: A coastal environment (Small/Regional Scale) the processes affecting this coast, its landforms and its management Key Questions from the GCSE syllabus:
Key Questions from the GCSE syllabus:
Why do coastal processes need to be managed?
How are coastlines managed?
Why does coastal management create controversy?

The Borth-Ynyslas coastline is an area currently undergoing a major change in the way it is managed.

Your task is to find out:
1.A description of the location of this stretch of coastline 2.What coastal features are found along this stretch of coastline 3.What management strategies are being developed
4.Why they are being developed
5.Collect a set of specific facts about the management strategies 6.Who will benefit from the new strategies
7.Who will be disadvantaged by the new strategies

Your research must have all of this information, as the exam board may ask a case study question on any of the above aspects of this case study.

You will be writing a timed Case Study answer following this work, which will only use part of your research information:

For a named area of coastline, describe the management strategies being used and explain how different groups of people will be affected.

Your work will be assessed using the Case Study Mark Scheme

My Ynyslas Coastal management Case Study
1) A description of the location of this stretch of coastline Site Location – The site location on the beach on the seaward side of lower borth village Ynyslas is located in wales 8 miles (13 km) north of Aberystwyth and it is 1.5 miles north of borth. The Ynyslas coast line stretches over 2 miles and is located in the county of Ceredigion .Ynyslas is situated right next to a number of small towns and is connected to the main road the A44. 2) What coastal features are found along this stretch of coastline To the north of this coast lies a large estuary with a embryonic split occurring towards the mouth of the estuary.A spit is formed from longshore drift moving material along the beaches and the material is deposited and overtime the spit forms a right angle shape 4.Waves cannot get past a spit, which creates a sheltered area where silt is deposited and mud flats or salt marshes form. The spit extends about 3km from the southern side of the dyfi estuary.The main line of the spit is formed by gravels that are exposed at high water level along the southern part of the spit. 3) What management strategies are being developed?

Work began early autumn 2010.The aim of Ceredigion council is to protect the beaches from erosion and flooding and the surrounding communities. On cardigan bay there are around 1500 homes and about 7000 to protect from the natural elements of living near to and visiting the coast. Borth village has developed on a mobile shingle beach with many properties built on the beach, this means it is more vulnerable to flooding. Wooden Groynes

Groynes protect against longshore drift and backwash which means the beach will be safe from erosion and the beach material being washed downshore by longshore drift. In the 70’s Ceredigion county council built some wooden groynes and breastwork defences however they have recently been deemed as coming to the end of their life and there then was a further need for protection of the 6km frontage. Rock Groynes

Constructed near the craig y Delyn cliffs to the south of borth. Groynes do not add extra material to a beach, but merely retain some of the existing sediment on the updrift side of the groynes At the southern end Another strategy to protect against erosion from the waves the council built a series of onshore rock breakwater groynes.The groynes are 60m long each groyne is followed by a breakwater. The rock groynes are made of rock obviously and commonly are basalt. “Two rock groynes and two rock breakwaters will be placed at intervals along the beach, and these will retain the shingle, in...
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