Coal Keeps the Lights on

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7 October 2013
Coal Keeps the Lights On
Rev. Delbert Jones lived in Harlan County, Kentucky all of his life. His grandfather and his father were both coal miners, he too carried on the tradition. After all, that is all his family and him knew. He gave the coal mines twenty two and a half years of his life. And like most other coal miners he did not reach the age of retirement before health issues wore down his once able body.

Delbert started working in the mines of Harlan in 1966. When he first started his job the only equipment available to use was a shovel and a light that he wore on the hat the barely protected his head.(Jones) 的t was total darkness, you could barely see anything you just hoped for the best when you started digging.said Delbert. 的 would work anywhere from eight to sixteen hours a day.said Delbert. He would go in at dark and leave at dark and often go without eating or taking a break because his job was so demanding.

Even though mining was dangerous and vigorous work he loved his job. In 1966 his pay was $3.25 an hour, for that day and time he was making good money. In 1980 when he had to quit due to health issues his top pay was $26.00 an hour.(Jones) 的t was hard, but I had a job to do. Coal keeps the lights on.said Delbert.

His job came with many responsibilities. He had to take care of himself, make sure his workers were all safe and make sure they got the job done. (Jones) When he got his job finished he was ready to go home to his wife and family. Delbert said there was nothing better than the boss saying 徹kay boys lets shut her down, its time to go home.That was something they looked forward to after a long days work....

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