Coal Industry in India- an Overview

Topics: Coal, Coal mining, Anthracite Pages: 44 (12381 words) Published: September 23, 2012

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank the College for having projects as a part of the COP curriculum. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals who have played a crucial role in the research for this project. Without their active cooperation the preparation of this project could not have been completed within the specified time limit. The first person I would like to acknowledge is the head of COP department Professor Ashish Mitra, of St. Xavier’s College Kolkata, and the second person I would like to thank is Mr D.N. Chakravarthy who supported me throughout this project with utmost co-operation and patience. I am very much thankful to you sir, for sparing your precious and valuable time for me and for helping me in doing this project. I am thankful to Mr. Ram Prasad Agarwal, Director of Fairdeal Supplies Ltd. who helped me in all ways possible. He ensured that I was provided with all the necessary information. I am also thankful to Mr. R. Sheshadri, Chief Engineer of Coal India Ltd, who graciously took time from his busy schedule to help me out in all possible way. Finally, to all my friends who helped me in making this project.

Chapter| topic| page number|
1| Introduction| 6|
 | -Indian mining industry| 7|
 | -Coal mining| 8|
 | -SWOT Analysis| 9|
 | -Definition of coal| 14|
 | -Types of coal| 16|
 | -Uses of coal today| 19|
2| Objectives of the study| 22|
 | -Objectives| 23|
3| Literature review| 24|
 | -Inventory of coal resources in India| 25|
 | -Categorization of coal resources| 27|
 | -Status of coal resources in India during the last 5 years| 29| 4| Corporate profile| 30|
 | -Introduction to Fairdeal Supplies Ltd.| 31|
 | -Coal mining in India: The past| 33|
 | -Introduction to Coal India Limited| 34|
 | -Importance of Coal marketing| 35|
 | -First-hand experience in E-Marketing| 36|
 | -History of Coal India Limited- Timeline| 37|  | -Missions of Coal India Limited| 39|
 | -Consumer profile| 40|
 | -Growth plan| 40|
 | -Coal projects of Coal India Ltd during the XI plan period| 41|  | -E-Auctioning | 41|
| -Procedure of Coal delivery after E- auction| 42| 5| Export & Import of coal| 44|
 | -Largest producer of coal in the world| 45|
 | -Export and import of coal| 46|
 | -Coal industry highlights| 48|
 | - Comparative analysis of coal by China & India| 49| 6| Role of Logistics and Infrastructure in the development of the coal market in India| 50| | -Introduction| 51|

| -Modes of coal transport| 51|
| -Economic consideration in choosing a coal transportation mode| 52| | -Logistics requirement for coal transportation in 2030 - an overview| 52| | -Requirements of rail network & infrastructure in coal transportation| 54| | -Innovation in logistics development| 54|

7 | Research methodology| 55|
 | -Definition of marketing research | 56|
 | - Date Source : Primary sources and secondary sources| 56|  | - Research Approach| 57|
 | - Sampling Unit| 57|
 | -Date completion and analysis| 57|
 | -Scope| 57|
8| Collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation of primary and secondary data| 58|  | -Collection of data- primary and secondary data| 59|  | -Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of primary data| 60|  | -Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of secondary data| 69| 9| Conclusion of the study| 73|

 | -Findings of the study| 74|
 | -Limitations of the study| 75|
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