Coal industry in Australia

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Fossil fuel, Natural gas Pages: 1 (561 words) Published: May 7, 2015
Climate change becomes a disturbing issue around the world. Experts claim that this change is caused by excessive amount of carbon dioxide, resulted from burning of fossil fuel, to produce energy in developed countries. Australia is one of these countries which depends mainly on coal as a source of energy generation. While diversification of power will reduce the emission of CO2, Australia is still using coal for electrical generation purposes. This essay will discuss the case both for and against the diversification of energy sources in Australia. It will focus on the environment impacts of burning fossil fuels as well as the importance of coal industry in Australia.

There are a number of arguments in favour of diversification of energy sources in Australia. One argument for using another source instead of coal is that the utilising of coal emits a huge amount of smoke on air as well as the amount of dust, ash, produced from burned coal. Australia has to change its dependency on coal, which is the larger cause of pollution and a number three in its releasing of dioxide in this country (Nicholls, 2009, p 164). This amount of carbon dioxide will reduce if Australia invests in its other sources of fuel such as natural gas. The impacts of natural gas on environment are less than those produced from both oil and coal (Roarty, 2008). While its owing of oil is small, Australia has an acceptable storage of natural gas, he adds. Another claim for mixing of energy sources in Australia is that the diversification of power sources, by using clean energy, is beneficial for Australian economy. According to Nicholls (2009, p. 164), the benefits from investment in clean energy are currency liquidity and job creation. Therefore, diversification of energy sources in Australia could lead to a reduction in gas emissions and stimulation of its economy. There are, however, valid arguments against diversification of coal industry in Australia. One that stands out that movement from...
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