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Introduction To The Reflective Report

For this assignment we were asked to conduct a coaching session with a colleague at work then to write a reflective report on our experience. In terms of the way I have organised my feedback, I have chosen to do this by listing questions and answering those as a reflection of what happened in my coaching session. Why am I carrying out this report?

This report has been carried out in order to reflect on the coaching session I have completed with a colleague. This will reinforce my learning and help me to interact with people in different situations. I hope reflecting on this process will also raise and develop my emotional intelligence.

How I completed this coaching session and report?
I carried out a pre discussion with the person in question to establish their level of cooperation. Once I realised he was willing we discussed very broadly potential options for the goal of the coaching session. The coachee felt it would benefit him more if he went away and thought about the potential goal prior to the session, so we arranged a time that suited us both and I sent him a meeting request and booked an available room. We had our session which I pre planned and structured. I made notes during the session (See Appendix B) to allow me to reflect in this report. I also asked if the coachee would fill in the Coaching Feedback Form (See Appendix 15). Reflection On The Coaching Session

Background of the coaching session
The person which I have chosen to carry out a coaching session with is a structural engineer, I have previously been giving him coaching/mentoring on an informal basis daily. He is a key member of the project team but requires project experience, he is keen and has academic qualifications (Master’s Degree). To allow the session to be effective I have carried out some personal reading to enable me to understand and appreciate the importance of coaching. There are many methods and models to assist and structure a coaching session on but I decided on using Whitmore (2009, p. 55) GROW model sequence of questions. It appeared to be a logical way of defining and structuring the session.

Focus of the coaching session
The focus of the coaching session was going to be around a younger member of the project team who was being fast tracked into a management position. From the coachee perspective he was happy to participate as he felt he was losing focus and wanted to regain his drive. I selected the coachee as he had expressed interest in the past about personal development, along with aspirations to succeed and so I felt that a coaching session may help him to re-focus on required tasks. Also, from a work perspective (he had been chosen for development within the company), this would bring an opportunity to see if he had any issues that he needed inspiration to overcome. I had a brief pre discussion with the coachee to gain his approval for this and also to see if there was a particular goal or current issue which he would like to focus on. From this we established that there were not any current issues that he was concerned about but he expressed an interest in potentially discussing the path to his future. Structure to the coaching session

I reviewed various models and activities for coaching sessions ranging from PITS/PETS from Neenan & Palmer (2001, cited in Clutterbuck, Bachkirova, Cox 2010, p. 42) to PRACTISE from Palmer (2007, 2008, cited in Clutterbuck, Bachkirova, Cox, p. 41) after reading these I decided to use the GROW model Whitmore (2009, p. 55) so I read further into this from which I established that as Whitmore (2009, p.10) states "Coaching is unlocking people's potential to maximize their own performance". From what I have read this is key to any coaching session as this is what coaching is defined as, due to the fact that coaching is not about telling people what to do but prompting them with questions that will require them to search for the answer from...
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