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A Personal Reflective Commentary on a Coaching Workshop, Identifying Coaching Theory and Using Personal Observation and Knowledge In the Application of Coaching I undertook the UKDBA Level 1 Coaching Course. This was the first coaching qualification I had chosen to acquire. I chose dodgeball as I felt that with it’s growing popularity and limited exposure in comparison to mainstream sports, it would offer me a chance to gain a qualification in a sport that is sought after by primary and secondary schools. The aim of this essay is to detail the significance of assessment, feedback and reflection in coach education. Prior to this course I had no experience in Dodgeball other than as a spectator with no real grasp of the rules and regulations. Although I had never taken a coaching course before, I felt that if I listened to what the instructors said and carried out the actions with confidence, I would be able to understand the main principles of the sport, thus passing the course. Initially the instructors briefed us on what the day would entail. This included an explanation of the rules and tactics used in Dodgeball, this left me feeling slightly more confident with actually participating in a game as well as leading a session. The course instructors accomplished this by explaining the rules of gameplay in a clear and simple manner. I felt that their use of the briefing before actual physical coaching or gameplay had a positive effect as the majority of participants on the course had little to no experience in Dodgeball. This gave us a strong base knowledge to refer to if needed throughout the day, ensuring that there was no problem coaching with minimal emphasis on actually being great at Dodgeball.

Following a warm up led by one of the other course students, the instructors presented us with the layout of a Dodgeball court, highlighting the roles, responsibilities and positions of the officials during a game. We were then split into two groups, then split into...
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