Coaching Philosophy

Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Coaching Philosophy
A coaching philosophy takes years to develop. Mine began the first day I picked up a basketball. My experiences as a player and observer allow me to develop my philosophy more as my knowledge for the game continue to grow. My coaching philosophy as of now includes defense, team unity, and enthusiasm.

Everyone’s familiar with the saying “Offense sales tickets, Defense wins games.” This statement is very much true and has been a proven fact. Without defense, you cannot win. No matter how many times you score, if the other team is not stopped, they could out score you. Defense is an important part of the game. Although winning is not everything, who doesn’t want to win? Everyone wants to defeat their opponent and defense will make it happen.

Along with defense, team unity is an important key in basketball. Unity on the court makes practice and the games fun to play and watch. Without unity, confusion starts and teammates began to turn against each other. This result in a trust factor and it’ll show in games. Your offenses will began to breakdown and the defense is no longer making the other team work for a shot. Unity brings everyone together and is a big key to being a successful team.

Last, enthusiasm is also an important factor to me. Enthusiasm is what brings excitement to the game. If a team is not enthusiastic about the game, it makes the games boring to watch. I personally like to cheer my teammates on and help them to stay tuned into the game because that can determine whether you really want it or not. Being enthusiastic goes back to team unity because without that bond, the game isn’t exciting to play.

In conclusion, my philosophy includes playing defense, having team unity, and being enthusiastic. These keys play a big role into having a great team and winning. Without them all, and more, your season won’t be successful nor will it be fun.
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