Coaching Philosophy

Topics: Coaching, Leadership, Environment Pages: 3 (498 words) Published: May 2, 2007
Coaching Philosophy Assignment

This assessment presents my personal coaching philosophy and seeks to

justify this through a number of areas that builds individuals and teams

confidence, and equally as important, their confidence in the coach. This

in turn will lead to maximising potential, and maintaining motivation by

training in a comfortable environment of trust and fun.

The Collins Student Dictionary states Philosophy to be: "… a personal

outlook or viewpoint", (p.622).

Personal coaching philosophy

"I believe players/athletes achieve their maximum potential and maintain

their motivation by training in an environment of trust, fun and one that is

comfortable to be in"

My coaching philosophy of the environment being the main aspect for

success, is how I can teach and therefore assist athletes to master

fundamental skills and reinforce proper techniques to develop their

maximum potential. By creating a fun environment it can play a

role in increasing and maintaining the amount of motivation that is

needed for the competitor's success.

Research shows that one of the key determinants of physical activity is

the environmental factor. Ensuring the athlete's environment is conducive

to the individual or team, will go a long way towards removing perceived

barriers that may prevent success.

"Success is something we strive for, and victory comes from training"


Some factors to consider in setting a good environment are:

Leadership skills

By displaying proficiency in leadership skills, athletes will grow trust in

the coach, and gain confidence to work not only as an individual but as a

team. As a coach it is also vital to have strategies and provide

information to point the athlete in the right direction for help in

specialised areas, for example nutrition, physiotherapy or psychology.

Communication skills

Providing an environment...
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