Coaching and Tony

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Our role-play transcript addressed questions one, three, and four, Chapter 10, Leadership Case Problem B. Question one states “What advice can you offer Sally Gorman to do a better job of coaching Tony Costello” (DuBrin, 334).

Tony was upset that Sally was helping Roy and not him. Sally told Tony that Roy had been with the company longer and when Tony asked for advice, Sally told him to “turn up the heat.” Tony demonstrates characteristics of the equity theory. The equity theory is where “employee satisfaction and motivation depend on how fairly the employees believe they are being treated in comparison to peers,” (DuBrin, 318). Tony is lacking satisfaction in his job because he feels he is being treated differently than Roy, because he hasn’t been there very long. He is having a hard time closing mortgages which is affecting his commission pay. Tony engages in the “alter the income” action of the equity theory by asking for a salary because he is struggling for income and because he feels that if Roy is receiving salary for the same work, he should too.

In reference to question one, Sally should be more compassionate to Tony’s concerns. At first, Sally was harsh to Tony in telling him to “turn up the heat” and by saying Roy had been with the company longer so she was going to help him. Sally should not play favorites and should help all of her employees be successful to the company so the company is successful. Sally should motivate and coach Tony into being a better consultant so that he can be successful.

Question three states, “What is the most positive thing Sally did as a coach,” (DuBrin, 334). Sally did a couple of positive things as a coach. Number one, she realized that she should help Tony be successful, and she looked to her number one guy (Roy) for advice. Roy was a good coach himself to Sally in helping suggest to her what she should to do help Tony be successful so that the company could be successful too. The second...
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